2 Sizes Turtle Pier Dock Basking Plastic Platform Shelf Ramp Aquarium Fish Tank Decor Turtle Aquarium Float Decoration

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Type: Fish
Aquatic Decorations Type: Ornaments
Material: ABS
Weight: 46-115 g
Model Number: 210130010001
Color: White
Style 1 : 1,2-without screws and screwdriver
Style 2: 3,4-with screws and screwdriver
Use: Floating pier platform for turtles, newt, frogs and other pets
Feature: Strong suction cup design, never drop
Function: After crawling to the flat,Pets can be shined backs by the ultraviolet
Name: Turtle Pier Dock Basking Platform
Item Type: Aquarium Fish Tank Decor
Item: Plastic Platform Shelf Ramp
Type: Floating Island Climb Brazilian Tortoise Kingpet